12 Days of Christmas

Case Study: 12 Days of Christmas Campaign

The retail furniture industry is extremely competitive in Hampton Roads. Local brick and mortar stores are not only competing with dozens of local retailers and national chains, but now are dealing with a saturated market of online furniture eCommerce.  Financing is a huge draw for many of these retailers, so creating a campaign that offers a "sticky" quality to bring in consumers is challenging. Consumers have more options than ever before so creating a campaign that puts a client out in front of the pack is key.

Campaign: The 12 Days of Christmas

For two weeks leading up to Christmas, our team created branded content to promote the 12 Days of Christmas.  Specific furniture was selected, creative was designed for multiple digital channels (email, programmatic display, Facebook, and Instagram), and content was created to promote the products and drive engagement through a contest online. Daily posts were made to encourage people to Like, Tag, and Share for a chance to win, across all platforms.

The campaign lasted for 12 days and was deployed across seven different Facebook pages, producing seven different winners. The Fan based increased by over 30% organically throughout the campaign and increased traffic to the stores by 17% over the course of the two weeks.