Last year Google expanded its Partner program to include tiered levels, the highest level an agency can achieve being Google Premier Partner (GPP). This is a designation reserved for only a small percentage of all Google Partners. To qualify as a GPP, an agency must meet Google’s requirements in several areas: advertising spends, certification, and performance. Being a GPP means an agency has the experience, is knowledgeable, and has a proven success rate. A GPP knows how to optimize and customize a campaign to increase revenue.

While working with a GPP doesn’t guarantee you’ll rise to the top and exponentially increase your investment, it does give you an advantage over your competition.

Here are the six biggest advantages of working with a Google Premier Partner:

1. Google Premier Partners know their stuff and have the badge to prove it

GPPs have to pass the Google certification tests in their area of specialization (search, display, shopping, mobile, video). Google doesn’t give the Premier Partner badge to just anyone who has passed the tests. To earn this distinction, the agency must have extensive AdWords experience. All Premier Partners are required to continuously meet Google’s minimum ad spend, which means Premier Partners are actively managing AdWords accounts. Premier Partners don’t prove they are experts through tests. They show they are experts by continually managing successful campaigns.

“The badge recognizes companies we trust to help you succeed on the web with our products.” – Google


2. Mobile is first and foremost, well FIRST!

You can no longer ignore mobile.  In a mobile-first world, consumers are reaching for their phones more and more.  Principles of mobile design and a mobile-friendly website is a must to properly take advantage and employ an effective mobile advertising strategy to accomplish your goals.  

3. Being in the KNOW

GPPs are the first to know what’s new in the Google universe. Something new and exciting coming down the pipeline? GPPs get to Beta test it first. In general, these Betas give access to features and allow a leg up on the competition for Paid Search campaigns, Display campaigns and even Shopping campaigns. 


4. GPPs have a Google Phone 

Well, maybe not a dedicated line to Google, but they have access to Dedicated Google Partner Agency Strategists to help get solutions and troubleshoot quickly. Being able to have access to Google at the drop of a hat is crucial for an ongoing and successful campaign.


5. Never stop learning

Training, workshops and Google events are all part of the package with GPPs. Training includes exclusive live events on the latest trends and features from Google as they continue to expand the envelope in the digital space to drive results for their clients.


6. Testing & Innovation 

GPPs are required to show they are employing best practices. These practices may include actively doing split testing on ads to attract the highest volume of customers to a client’s site and ensuring that there are multiple ads per campaign group with different keywords and messaging. Google encourages continuous experimentation.

A company can lose it’s Partner status if it doesn’t continue to maintain Google’s standards. These standards ensure that a high level of service is maintained no matter the date that Partner Status was achieved.

Here’s the bottom line…. Pilot Media Solutions has a team of dedicated Senior Search Marketing Specialists that live and breathe Google all day and every day. So when it comes to the internet’s most powerful marketing tool, we always know more than our competition, which helps you beat yours!