August & Positivity

I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.” – Paul Shane Spear

There are so many things we love about this quote. We often read quotes in our everyday life, whether on a calendar or social media posts. There is nothing groundbreaking about quotes, but as we all move into the stifling hot days of August, how often do we reflect on quotes and then go one step further by putting action behind them, too?


With this simple quote from Mr. Spear and a call to action, #Augustivity was born to the proud parents of August and Positivity.  


Every day, everywhere we look, we are surrounded by negativity. Hold on! Now, that’s not a positive way to start this month, is it? 


Instead, “Every day, everywhere we look, we are surrounded by opportunities to bring joy, happiness, smiles, and positive feelings into someone else’s life.” 

See what we did there? Turned around that negative sentence into a positive approach. And you can too!  


For the month of August, Social Sipper recognized the companies and organizations and companies that made a difference. Differences in their communities, their teams, their services, or generally running their companies. Here are a few companies YOU told us about that represented Augustivity.

Wards Corner Chiropractic
Another one of our local favorites is Wards Corner Chiropractic. Not only have their services tremendously improved the overall health of hundreds of people in our community, but their office is a hotbed of positivity. (And this is typically a place where everyone is in pain).
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The list goes on and on, and we will continue to add. But we would like to see who you think is making a difference. While August may be over, it’s never too late to practice positivity, kindness, and general awesome everywhere we work! 

How Can We Put More of YOU into the World?

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