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Brand Consulting & Workshops

Creating a brand is more than designing a logo or an impressive business card. Your brand must convey how customers feel when interacting with you, buying your product, or using your services.

To help you define your brand, we listen to what makes you different, assess the landscape, determine your future position, and create tags, content, messaging, and more to inspire the market to action.


  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Value Proposition
  • Core Values



From this point of departure, the team of Social Sipper and your company develop a plan of action for creating a brand that attracts the right kind of customers and clients, partners, referral sources – even employees –through the efficient use of resources.


  • The workshop’s best thinking and recommendations will be captured in a Social Sipper Branding report.
  • This report will be presented to you at a follow-up meeting, where we will also discuss the next steps.
  • Afterward, whether or not you engage Social Sipper as your agency to assist with expanding the creative ideas or executing our recommendations, you will have a clear and actionable plan that becomes your property to do as you please.
Ultimately, branding is about creating the right perception of a business in order to make relevant connections with the most relevant people.
To do that effectively, businesses must ensure that their brand resonates with their customers for the desired results: win business. 

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