Writing Sample Local Tiny Desk Contest Winner Sharkophagus, is like jazz with like a little punk, and some hip hop, and like prog rock! Right!? ...Sure *cough*, I guess. Piggybacking off NPR's Tiny Desk Contest, The Scene and WHRO held it's own contest giving a local band or musician the chance to be the focus for a new video from The Scene. The judges included Paul Shugrue | Out of the Box, Dave Voightritter | Defenestration, James Duval | AltRadio, Jeff Fine | WHRO, Kenny Hopkins | The Scene, Wayla Chambo | WHROFM, and Anthony McSpadden of WHRV & WHROFM. Judging followed the NPR guidelines for the contest and was based on Musical Quality and AppealOriginalityStage Presence and Charisma, and Use of a Desk (ok, we added that last one). The judging was tough for the judges, as there were so many awesome submissions...52 total! But, they could only pick one and the winner was Sharkophagus. Below is their winning video. Check back soon to see their video produced by The Scene! Working out of Alchemy in the Norfolk Arts District, Sharkophagus is bringing new sounds to the area with a focus on improvisation. Our originals range from sultry and seductive such as "Game" to the heavy hitters like "Scars On The Sun". They also combine artists of jazz standards such as Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, and Thelonious Monk with classic rock artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Santana, and Frank Zappa.' Sharkophagus Online | Facebook