The Narrows

Networking at the Narrows

Last updated on May 26th, 2023 at 12:50 pm

Google “how to be a successful networker,” and you’ll find titles like “6 strategies” or “9 tips” articles. Building genuine long-term relationships and connections is a theme in most networking articles.    



Last March, I dove into the networking deep end, passed out cards, took names, and shook hands. Has it been working? It sure has! And the folks I have met are inspirational to anyone dreaming of owning a business. Could I tell you each person’s name and what they do? I hate to admit it, but the answer is no. For the last year, I have enjoyed meeting many business folks. However, I still need to gain the ability to form authentic relationships through meaningful activities. As spring teased us throughout March, I had a thought. What if Social Sipper Brands took away the room during a networking event allowing a more authentic you easily assessable to other like-minded business leaders?  


Meaningful Connections    

It only takes a few months of networking to start seeing some familiar faces, so how does a relationship move from an introduction into a relationship? Time. Well, sure, and we’ve all got plenty of that.  🤣 Instead, take our interests and stir in professional networking. This way, we are moving from superficial relationships into broad and deep ones.    


The Narrows   

Networking doesn’t require a donut, raising a glass, or sharing in festivities. We are busy professionals. The blurred line between professional and personal lives continues to dissolve.  


Build on relationships by surrounding yourself with a meaningful networking moment with purposeful playing. We’ll have cornhole, frisbees, paddle boards, and more.    


I’ve heard coach after business coach says in so many words building a referral business model takes time, trust, and meaningful moments. But how do we fit this into our professional and personal lives?   


Have you been to the Narrows at dusk? Have your toes felt the cool sand after a day of work shoes? Let’s be our authentic selves. We aren’t all going to connect with everyone, but we will make meaningful connections.   


  • It’s for fun.  
  • It’s for fitness.  
  • Pack your cooler.  
  • Grab your chair.  
  • Trade in your business attire for your bathing garb.  


This is social.   


Make no mistake. We are here to network. We are lifelong learners. 


  • By building on prior meetings with potential referral partners 
  • Learn about each other’s businesses  
  • Understand why someone needs their services  
  • Educate others about your services  
  • Whats you’re why  


All while playing cornhole or paddling around. Networking is an active sport. It is work. Yes, but so is heading to the gym. Let’s make this networking event an enhancement to your individual networking events. 


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