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Video Marketing for Real Estate

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Thank you to our host, Diane Stein, from Southern Trust Mortgage in Virginia Beach.

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Leads – The facts speak for themselves — consumers are more interested in a brand’s videos than any other medium, including text or photos. By marketing your videos in the right places, such as YouTube or Facebook, you are bound to generate more potential clients. ​


Book Meetings: 77% of clients choose to work with the first real estate agent they speak with. By establishing your video presence and gaining more followers, you are more likely to be recommended than agents with a weak video presence online. ​

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Make connections: Millennials — the most common age of buyers who are using the internet to search for a home — expect communication, honesty, transparency, and value from a brand. By creating videos showcasing yourself and your business, you are crafting a personal connection that will make interested clients more likely to trust you. ​

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Showcase Property: With real estate video marketing, you can make a wide variety of videos that showcase the properties on offer, as well as the surrounding area and neighborhood, in a more immersive way than just a photo can. ​

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Teach: Lastly, with videos, you can give longer and clearer explanations about properties and easily answer (or pose) questions without consumers having to read long walls of text. ​

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One of the best ways real estate agents can utilize video is through listing videos. With a listing video, real estate agents can showcase the most exciting features of their properties and help illustrate what living in a home might be like. These videos, which will usually be between 30 and 60 seconds long, are much more enriching than using listing photos alone. They are beneficial for prospective buyers who, for whatever reason, cannot visit the property in person or haven’t had the chance to visit.


Some Examples of Listing Videos with Personality

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The real estate process involves many moving pieces, and if someone has never bought or sold a home before, they probably have many questions. Many important concepts can be incorporated into an educational video, such as “How the Closing Process Works,” “Things to Think About When Buying a Home,” and more. By offering this information for free and making it easy to access, buyers and sellers will be much more likely to choose that agent once they are ready to move forward.​

Example of Explainer Video

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Traditional scripted video marketing can be highly effective, but people sometimes like seeing their prospective real estate agents go off-script. Creating candid, live videos allows real estate agents to showcase their personalities authentically. Live stream videos are especially effective on social media platforms such as TikTok and Facebook.​

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When a special offer announcement is made via video, the target audience will likely get excited and decide to take action. For example, if the price of a listed home was recently lowered by $10,000 (or whatever amount), hearing and seeing that announcement will create a much greater sense of urgency than simply reading it.​

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People want to work with a real estate agent they know they can trust. Creating an “About Me” page on your website is a good way to start. However, many people won’t ever see this page, and even if they do, it is hard to stand out from other realtors. By making an about me video, on the other hand, prospective buyers can get a more in-depth look at the agent they are considering working with. This is one of the most effective ways to “humanize” a real estate agent and build the trust the industry requires.​

Example of About Us Video

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Video is one of the best forms of media for learning new things. A recent study revealed that the average person watches two videos longer than thirty seconds daily. There are plenty of different “How-To” topics that real estate agents can use to appeal to their audience, including “How to Prep Your Home for Sale,” “How to Successfully Close on a Home,” “How to Set Your Housing Budget,” and more. This a great way for real estate agents to showcase their general knowledge and further reinforce their brand.​


The housing market is constantly changing. And even if their efforts are sometimes relatively futile, people will want to try to time the market when buying or selling a home. Video is a very engaging medium for delivering information about the market. Real estate agents should consider making a new video whenever interest rates change, housing prices change, or other major economic events occur.​

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Using a video is one of the most effective ways to announce notable upcoming events. Whether an agent is planning an open house, a get-to-know-you event, an educational video, or anything in between, videos are a great way to capture an audience’s interest. These videos are especially effective when combined with a link to RSVP or save the date for the event.​

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A testimonial video is an excellent way for real estate agents to show they are more than talk. By seeing that previous clients have had positive experiences working with an agent, prospective buyers and sellers will be much more likely to want to work with that agent. And contrary to what many agents assume, people are often eager to be featured in a video.​


Ultimately, there are many different ways that real estate agents can establish a deeper connection with their target audience. However, it isn’t easy to envision a clear path forward without incorporating at least a few video-centric media platforms into your broader marketing campaign. By implementing these video media sources and whatever other methods might emerge, your enterprise can continue growing and moving closer to its long-term goals.

Testimonial Example Video

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You need to know whom you’re talking to first. Spend some time identifying the value to your clients. Your top producer status and awards are just NOT that important. The purpose of this video should always be about the value you offer to your ideal client.​

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First, find a few real estate channels that inspire you. You can model your YouTube channel on other successful real estate YouTube channels. Take note of what their channels look like, what kinds of videos they make, and how often they upload. ​

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Over the past few years, many of you have feared being “on camera.” That’s understandable, but it’s one of the best ways to introduce yourself and connect with prospective clients. If there’s one thing that should put your mind at ease, it’s that many of the videos I see feature way too much of the agent/mortgage broker/etc., and not enough about their subjects: area sights, clients, neighborhoods, and homes.​

​First of all, few of us can hold anyone’s attention as a talking head in ANY video. In addition, if you realize you’re going to be “on camera” for only small snippets of the video, it should take some of the pressure off. As a rule of thumb, you should appear at some point near the beginning, in various quick shots throughout and, again, at the end with a call to action and a quick “thanks for watching.”​

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Use the first 15 seconds of your video to hook the viewer. Be sure to use the exact words as your title to give the viewer confidence that they are watching the right video. In addition, let them know what they can expect to gain after watching the entire video.​

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Next, explain to your viewer who you are and why they should listen to you. Share a little bit of your story so that you can connect to the viewers who are watching you for the first time. This part of the video should be around 15 to 30 seconds. ​

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Your main content will be the bulk of your video, around 7 to 12 minutes. You can create an outline ahead of time to keep you focused and prevent you from rambling. You can also write out your script to help you finalize your thoughts and make you seem more prepared.​

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Lastly, be sure to end your video with a call-to-action. Remind your viewers to like, comment, and subscribe. You can also include external actions, like setting up zoom consultations with you or contacting you for more information.​

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Before you start taking pictures, you should stage the home to make it look decluttered and clean. This will allow for better-looking photos that will appeal to a broader audience.​

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Before you start taking pictures, you should stage the home to make it look decluttered and clean. This will allow for better-looking photos that will appeal to a broader audience.​

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Forget holding it out at arm’s length – this is the worst way to hold a smartphone if you want sharp images. Instead, bring elbows in to the chest and stabilize forearms and wrists for that sharp image. ​

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Depending on the phone – you don’t want to use the zoom feature – just move closer to the subject or else images will be pixelated. ​

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Tripod with self-trigger function, hand grip for the back of the phone, and audio​.

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