10 Reasons Why Advertising Is Important

Advertising is a powerful tool that can help you attract customers, inform them about your products and build customer trust. Most companies use some type of advertisement to help them promote their products or services. Understanding what advertising is and why it’s important for organizations to use it can help you develop effective ads for your company. 


Here are 10 Reasons Why Advertising Is Important


  1. Advertising is a crucial part of marketing
  2. Good Advertising tells a story
  3. Advertising lets you target your audience
  4. Advertising sets up apart from your competition
  5. Advertising helps to retain customers
  6. Advertising tells customers if a business aligns with their values
  7. Advertising affects a brand’s reputation
  8. Advertising impacts sales
  9. Advertising helps people develop how they FEEL about a brand
  10. Advertising transcends its campaign


Understanding the “Why” behind advertising is just as important as the “What.” Every day, we sit with clients and talk about their goals, Why they are different, and Why they believe they can help their customers. Understanding this portion is just the start, but it’s an important start.



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