Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity.

We want to put more of YOU into the world.

Our Process

| Before Storytelling |

Social Sipper won’t be sitting around the firepit making up stories on a whim. Much research and discussion must take place before brand storytelling. In addition to the research, personas need to be developed.


| Brand Origin |

Brand storytelling could start with a focus on a company’s founder story, a life experience creating company, the growth journey (timeline) the company is experiencing, how a product or service evolved, ways the company builds community support, or how it responded to challenges.   Social Sipper knows that people buy from people, and our brand story includes the emotional humanizing of a brand and promoting its values.  


|  Design |

Design evokes feelings and emotions that the customers associate with the brand. Without understanding the brand’s origin story and vision, a logo or website may fall short in the overall desired communication and emotional response. 


Our team will review your current design assets, discuss with key constituents surrounding your company, and prepare options for client interaction and feedback. All designs are rooted in research first and aesthetics second. 


How Can We Put More of YOU into the World?

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