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We want to put more of YOU into the world.

About Social Sipper

Shannon Bowman

Chief Marketing Officer

Our Mission

We help clients build their brands through storytelling.

Our Values

We want to build brands that customers fall in love with.

Gina Pacheco

Chief Business Development Officer

Our Story

Before we talk about the Why, let’s talk about the name: Social Sipper. This website (socialsipper.com) started as an online outlet to create content, share ideas, and showcase the freelance work that I developed. Sometimes it was also an outlet to display pictures of my growing Star Wars action figure collection or amusing gifs of animated cats. As for the name, I’ve rarely met a beer or cocktail that I didn’t like, and I am also pretty social – get it? See what I did there?


While working for large corporations, I dreamed of creating content and strategies different from traditional advertising agencies. I wanted the flexibility of being my own boss, so I could tend to critical matters, such as giving belly rubs and treats to the three, wait, four dogs that also occupied my office. Priorities. Am I right?


So, after several years of freelance work, I joined the 47 million plus workers who quit their jobs and became part of the great resignation in 2021, either to get better jobs or work for themselves. And since I am still Social and love to sip – I kept the name.


Later that year, I met with a fellow marketing and animal nerd and previous educator, Gina Pacheco. Spending a decade in education, Gina taught writers ways to keep readers engaged by knowing the audience and creating engaging content. Until I pointed out, Gina hadn’t realized that good writing makes the best marketing content. We would spend many afternoons chatting about all things branding and content. After many happy hours, we decided to pull up our big girl panties and start a company. Gina always felt the name was about creating content that was taken in bite-sized pieces or “sips,” Given that the beginnings of my freelance work was primarily social media, she assumed that’s what the name meant.


We started Social Sipper to help companies discover and express their brand story. Who they are and how their customers feel about them.  A company that not only represents our core values but a company that lives them by learning, teaching, and leading.


So here we are—building brands that customers fall in love with every day. Tell us how we can build YOUR brand story.

Our Values

  • Learn everyday
  • Teach everyday
  • Lead everyday
  • Be innovative
  • Tell great stories
  • Live the Golden Rule*
  • Be independent
  • Be kind to animals
  • Be better tomorrow than we were today
  • Have fun


The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like others to treat you.

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