Data shows that Twitter has 238 million users when looking at its audience worldwide. Although it may fall behind platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which have users in the billions, Twitter still has a loyal audience of those that log in regularly. Twitter sees about 206 million daily active users, ensuring they’re always coming back to see what others are tweeting about.



Even with all of that, we are leaving the platform. As a company, we can’t support the recent events within the company, and the turmoil Elon Musk has created within the organization and the workforce supporting the platform. 


We will no longer be providing posting and advertising strategies within the platform.


 Here are just a few reasons why:

Musk’s plan to charge $8 for the notorious blue check that verifies users appears to be more than just a way to get a little more money out of a few hundred thousand tweeters. It’s part of a larger business plan to create a new tier of Twitter in order to transform how the company makes a profit. LINK

Mainstream media largely parrots Musk’s mendacious framing — but this fight is about monopoly power, not speech. 

Compassionate layoffs, experts say, are ones that are as small as possible and done only as a last resort. They’re communicated clearly and conducted with respect. They are mindful, too, of the feelings and workloads of those left behind. 

In other words, they are exactly the opposite of what Elon Musk did at Twitter last week.

Layoffs at Twitter began in the middle of the night, after a week of fear, uncertainty, and crazy-long hours. Many of the roughly 3,700 people who were let go didn’t find out through Musk or even a manager. Rather, they learned of their firing when they couldn’t log into their company email. LINK

Elon Musk has fired Twitter’s board of directors, giving himself unfettered control over the social media giant, according to a company filing. LINK

Getting rid of public policy people when you’re claiming to do “real free speech” is the [stupidest] move ever,” Audrey Herblin-Stoop, Twitter’s former chief lobbyist in France, wrote on the platform. LINK

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Musk is a self-described “free speech absolutist” who has criticized Twitter’s restrictions on hate speech and misleading claims about elections and public health. He has previously said he thinks the platform should allow all legal speech.

In the first 24 hours after news broke that Musk had closed his $44 billion purchase, more than 1,200 tweets and retweet spread antisemitic posts and memes, according to the ADL’s analysis. In the following days, they’ve been posted thousands more times. LINK

His stance on free speech to his advertisers, where he says, “Twitter obviously cannot become a free-for-all hellscape, where anything can be said with no consequences. Twitter aspires to be the most respected advertising platform in the world,” is nothing more than hypocritical.


Elon Musk, in a Tweet, shares a link from a site known to publish false news. The tweet on Sunday, later deleted, posted an article that made baseless allegations about the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband.


Elon Musk is not a man of coincidence. He took Twitter to control a narrative and be vocal about his beliefs. We are for capitalism as we are a for-profit company. However, money shouldn’t come before people, the truth, or our integrity.


#StopToxicTwitter #NotMyTwitter

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