Who Do You Think is Making a Difference?


Tell Us Who is Making a Positive Difference

There are so many companies and non-profit organizations that are making a difference in their communities and across the globe. Non-profits strengthen the fabric of our communities by helping those in need. Some for-profit businesses focus their entire business model on being socially responsible and using their position and resources for something more than pleasing their shareholders and increasing their bottom line. While other companies are just crushing it with a culture that makes people want to work there or fantastic customer service that keeps you coming back. 


As we head into a month of positive business practices and behavior, we want to recognize businesses that positively impact our world with their mission, products, or services, or even how they treat their staff. We have a few below, but we wonder Who Do You Think Is Making a Positive Difference?

It's Your Turn to Tell Us - Who is Your Pick for Positive Vibes?

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