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Topics for Real Estate Videos

In a recent Real Estate Training on Video Marketing, we presented a few topic ideas for creating videos to help with branding and lead generation for realtors and agents. 


Here is an expanded list of potential ideas to create videos to help your marketing efforts. By the way, these are also great topics for blogs if you are looking to increase your SEO on your website.


  • What are the benefits of new construction homes versus older homes?
  • How to recognize red flags when looking for a home to buy.
  • How to avoid letting your emotions take over when purchasing a new house.
  • Thinking about must-haves versus desirable features.
  • Creating your wish list.
  • Considering the neighborhood you want to live in… what amenities would you like to see?
  • Neighborhood tours.
  • Home tours for current listings.
  • How to find affordable housing – information from local organizations.
  • Dream house tours.
  • Kitchen tours – showcase appliances and space to appeal to amateur chefs.
    Show homeowners in their new homes – capture the joy and emotion.
  • Discuss buying and selling at the same time.
  • Downsizing 101.
  • Upsizing 101.
  • Biggest fears of new homeowners (use humor).
  • How buying or selling has changed someone’s life for the better.
  • Tips for luxury home buyers.
  • What exactly do we mean when we say “well appointed”?
    Process for making offers.
  • Drone footage of the house, land, and area.
  • Tips from area experts for first-time home buyers.
  • Advice from a new homeowner, such as what they wish they’d done differently and what they are glad they did.
  • Video explaining the importance of being pre-approved for a mortgage.
  • How do you finance a new home?
  • Interview clips from local lenders discussing mortgage rates, types, and more.
  • A rundown of some popular jargon for first-time buyers and sellers.
  • Information about handling a home inspection.
  • Clips from an actual home inspection.
  • How do you know what to look for when buying a new home?
  • What does it mean to be in a “seller’s market,” and what are tips for buyers
  • What does it mean to be in a “buyer’s market,” and what are some tips for sellers?
  • What’s the deal with lowball offers, and how should you respond to them
  • What can your real estate agent do to make the buying or selling process manageable?
  • How do you know if you are taking on a mortgage you can afford?
  • How does buying new construction work?
  • Will your real estate agent work with you to buy a new construction home?
  • Discuss energy efficiency’s importance and features.
  • Closing 101: what are closing costs, and who is responsible for paying them
  • Essential safety guides and features.
  • Community life and the surrounding area.
  • What to ask your realtor.
  • What your realtor should be asking you.
  • Walking paths, parks, and natural areas.
  • Local school system information.
  • What is the best time to sell a home?
  • How to sell or buy a home during a recession.
  • Testimonials from clients.
  • Client bios – show people the many folks you have worked with.
  • A self-bio to help people get to know you.
  • Negotiation skills.
    Importance of homeowner’s insurance.
  • Who can make their home an Airbnb
  • What to expect when interviewing realtors.
  • How to value your home when selling.
  • Tutorials for online home value estimators.
  • How-to home repair videos.
  • How-to backyard landscaping videos.
  • How to make a safe fire pit outside of your new home.
  • Demographic information about a town or city.
  • Videos showing local events.

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