What if Santa Claus is True?

We don’t mean to offend or even interject a December religious event onto anyone.  We were just thinking about what Social Sipper would want if that GUY in the red suit did exist. We’d be on the Nice List for all of our work, helping clients with their messaging and offering solid marketing solutions to our clients. 


So just in case Hallmark is right…


Dear Santa,

This note might be out of the ordinary, but Social Sipper has been really good this year. I know you are busy keeping up with the kid naughty and nice list, but recently at a local networking event, I met up with one of your elves who said that you sometimes honor requests from startups. Awesome! 


We have worked hard by building relationships with realtors, mortgage loan officers, funeral home directors, accountants, and more. Our mantra is “Putting More of You in the World,” so not only are we building our business, but we are helping our neighbors build theirs, too.  

We are very good neighbors providing marketing services to non-profits at no cost to them. We like volunteering in our neighborhood. 


With these strong partnerships, we built brand strategies and identities, created and delivered lead campaigns, and developed website improvements for human consumption, not just for Google crawl.  


Santa, we are putting up our corporate tree this week. Please, Santa, all we want for Christmas are new clients that want to pivot their brand in 2023. 

Shannon & Gina!

How Can We Put More of YOU into the World?

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