What is Cross-Channel Marketing & Why Should Businesses Care?

What is Cross-Channel Marketing? 


Content Marketing, Cross-Channel Marketing, Multi-Channel Marketing. There are so many terms being used. So What is Cross-Channel Marketing? This type of marketing is a content strategy that focuses on providing a consistent customer experience regardless of where they are interacting with your business across marketing channels.


Cross-Channel vs. Multi-Channel 


Multi-channel marketing refers to marketing across channels and isn’t specifically geared toward uniting the customer experience across all channels or platforms – it’s focused on marketing your business on the channels that will reach the most customers.

Multi-Channel Marketing


Multi-Channel Marketing


The marketing platforms used in cross-channel content strategy work together, with the customer at the center of messages. 

cross-channel marketing model


Cross-Channel Marketing


With multi-channel marketing, your customers can encounter your marketing across multiple channels, but they aren’t necessarily related or working together.



Benefits of Cross-Channel Marketing


  • Cross-channel marketing leads to more customer engagement. A key differentiator of cross-channel marketing over multi-channel marketing is the ability to personalize, which is an increasingly important feature of marketing. Personalized marketing is proven to drive customer engagement with a business.
  • Cross-channel marketing gives you a better understanding of the customer path to your product or service. Cross-channel marketing allows you to follow your customers throughout their journey, enabling your marketing to keep up with them every step—delivering personalized marketing messages based on how they’ve interacted with your business.
  • Cross-channel marketing can strengthen brand awareness. It’s estimated that the average person sees upwards of 4,000 ads per day. Many people develop a sort of “banner blindness” where they subconsciously filter out ads they see, especially online. You can get around this with a robust cross-channel marketing strategy that delivers personalized, targeted messages no matter where customers see them. This builds awareness for your business that can translate into more customers and increased brand trust.
  • Cross-channel marketing builds customer loyalty. You can keep customers coming back by focusing on how your business engages with customers across marketing channels, delivering personalized marketing messages, and streamlining communications.

Why Do You Need Content Marketing?


Content Marketing is the foundation for your digital marketing strategy. It’s the best way to tell a story for your brand, connect with your audience, and create value that is also an asset. It’s the best long-term marketing strategy you can implement. Content marketing drives traffic, builds your brand reputation, creates conversation, and DRIVES REVENUE. 


Benefits of Content Marketing


  • Open communication with the audience
  • Build industry authority with Thought-Leadership
  • Create trust
  • Increase conversions
  • Generate leads


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