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Content is King of the Home

The Real Estate industry depends on current information, making content marketing the perfect vehicle to deliver practical and usable advice to your community and potential customers.


But how can you make it work for your real estate business?


Real Estate Content Marketing

When real estate agents provide connections through videos, podcasts, infographics, and brand storytelling, they establish a growing reputation that continues as they cultivate their audiences.  


Develop a Content Strategy: Become a Top Insider

Agents that highlight their local thought leadership with expert content related to their local market are “very successful,” according to The State of Content Marketing Global report.


Each marketing plan should be unique to each business, and we recommend looking at your core vision and mission as the starting point.


Here are the 7 Steps for Content Marketing in Real Estate


1. Use Your Everyday Interactions

Find your voice whether you are writing to a first-time buyer or a retired couple ready to downsize. Being professional yet personalized requires emotional intelligence within localized relevant content.


2. Expertise in Local Topics

Consider writing real estate blogs that are trending and relevant, such as tips for selling a home, descriptions of area schools, neighborhoods, etc. 

Top 10 Highest-Performing Blog Topics for Realtors

3. Brand Voice


Your company’s brand voice gives a unique point of view based on your values and is communicated through blogs, videos, guides, social comments, etc. Tone includes word choice (think home verse house feeling), style (serious, humorous, casual), and emotion (happy, celebratory, proud, etc.).


Developing your brand voice separates you from the group and resonates with your audiences who share your values.



4. Local Data

Remember, no fluff! If your information isn’t relevant to our neighborhoods, you won’t bring value to your community.


Supporting your opinion with data provides another avenue to build your reputation.


5. Walk the Walk – Forge Partnerships in Your Local Community

To be an expert in the community, you must be willing to develop quality partnerships within your local community. Effectively used, these partnerships aid in reaching other audiences.


Hand-in-glove partnership

To ensure a solid partnership, content must be relevant, with similar goals and agreed-upon outcomes.

6. Experiment and Plan

Remember that your brand voice resonates with your audience, so the format and platform delivered depend on your audience.


Organic blog topics that consistently perform highest include Top 10 (or less) lists, How-to articles, and FAQ answers.


Video killed the radio star, but not the realtor.

Use video for a variety of content types. Audiences are comfortable with phone footage if it’s compelling and relevant to your mission.

Remember that your videos should tie back to your real estate expertise, knowledge of a relevant subject, or an activity showing you working hard.


7. Channels

Now that you understand your brand mission, voice, and tone, how will you communicate it? At Social  Sipper, we recommend a Cross-Channel approach because, when used properly, it develops a powerful lead campaign. 


For example, one client journey may start with a Google search for “realtors near me.” The future client clicks on your website with an article that they download. Using a retargeting campaign on social media, they sign up for an Around the Town newsletter. This future client is visiting your page often for local events and updates.  After meeting you, the future client is ready to visit your listings!


Real Estate Content Marketing Successes 

Content marketing for real estate professionals means focusing on your local audience and translating the bigger picture to a concentrated niche market. 


The biggest challenges you’ll face revolve around getting to know the local community and standing out from the crowd. Do this by being present physically and ensuring your topic research speaks to the needs of the people you serve.


Focus on your local audience and providing relevant, meaningful content to your community will separate you from the gaggle of agents and increase visibility to reach sellers and buyers. 


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